YouTubers will soon be able to import videos from Google+

YouTubers will soon be able to import videos from Google+

YouTube subscribers will soon be able to import videos from their Google+ accounts. This features will be available as an additional option listed above YouTube’s “Create Videos” option. This new functionality was discovered by Google+ subscriber, Nedas Petravicius, but still doesn’t appear to be available to everyone.

Once you select the import option in YouTube, you’ll be met by three different Google+ filter options: All Videos, Auto Backup and Albums. Videos will be displayed with a thumbnail preview showing their duration and origination date. If you’re unfamiliar with a specific video, you can preview it before importing, just to be on the safe side. After the transfer is complete, you’ll have the option to list your video as private or public, just like any regular YouTube video.

When it comes to video sharing, YouTube is still Google’s top dog. While Google+ has its own unique following, just about everyone connected to the internet knows what YouTube is. Giving subscribers the option to share videos across both platforms, definitely makes it easier for people to share their videos, plus it also has the potential to help Google+ reach a more casual audience whose social network interactions start and stop with places like Facebook and Twitter.

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