YouTube’s New Playlist Player

YouTube’s New Playlist Player

YouTube has a new interface for embedded playlists. Most people only embed videos, but you can also embed playlists.

The updated player has 2 buttons that show the playlist videos overlaid on top of the currently playing video. You can only scroll using the player’s scrollbar, there’s no support for keyboard shortcuts or mouse wheels. Click one of the videos from the list and the player still displays the list: you need to click one of the 2 playlist buttons to hide the list.

The playlist player has a “play all” button (don’t click, it’s just a screenshot).


Here’s a YouTube playlist that shows how to use the new Google Maps:

The old playlist player displayed some thumbnails at the bottom of the video, so you could still see what’s playing. It worked well for playlists with a few videos. The new player is better suited for playlists with many videos.

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